Video: Vet Students, Emergency Responders Train for Animal Rescue

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Large animals such as horses and cattle can be hard to handle in a regular situation, let alone a disaster.

That’s why Mississippi State University’s Veterinarian School is offering training for the unexpected.

Mississippi State University’s Veterinarian School is educating vet students and local firefighters on what precautions to take if faced with a large animal rescue.

“The stress level at a disaster situation for someone who has never trained or been prepared is much greater for those that haven’t trained compared to those that do train and are aware. When you are making those need to know decisions it’s easy to have that training to fall back on,” says Ryan Gibson.

Trainees learn how to gather cattle off the highway to prevent further injury of the animal and even other humans.

One fireman believes these tools are important for any emergency responder.

“We have you know rural community around the city. We do have the interstate that runs through our city and we’re responsible for all that,” says Greg Pack.

Working alongside firefighters, vet students understand the importance of team work.

“Get the vet students aware that it’s not just them going to be out there you know you do have to know chain of command and listen to people but also know how to handle, especially large animals because we do have so many farms in the area,” says Ruzena Pack.

Learning how to rescue a large animal is important, professors are also teaching ways to prevent accidents through proper trailer maintenance.

“I didn’t realize how faulty all the trailers on the interstate are or wherever they are so it really makes you think like…look at the tires. Look at the chains,” says Pack.

The training continues through Sunday.


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