VIDEO: Welcoming The Newly Elected Officials


ACKERMAN, Miss. (WCBI)- Residents in Choctaw County are getting acquainted with their new elected officials.

A reception was held for city leaders in Ackerman, Weir, and French Camp.

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The mayors of all three towns talked about the things they’re looking to accomplish this term.

Weir mayor, Dannie McNutt, is the only new mayor out of the bunch.

He said he’s improving the town’s community involvement is his top priority.

“When we have our board meeting’s, nobody from town hardly shows up,” said McNutt. “So, the only way we can fix something or we can know about something, is for you to come down there and tell us about it. Look, it’s not just about talking to me because I’m not enough, I’m just the mayor. There’s alderman on the board, them the ones who are passing stuff, I’m just the guy doing all of the talking.”

“In this upcoming time we’re looking forward to lowering our insurance ratings, we’re looking forward to a upgraded sewage lagoon,” said French Camp Mayor Glen Barlow. “We are starting a new fun day which will be May 12, 2018. We are starting a frontier day which will bring folks into the community for arts and crafts and food and fun and fellowship.”


The Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce was in charge of putting on the reception.