Volunteer help is still desired in Amory

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI)- It’s been two weeks since an EF-3 tornado hit Amory. Since then volunteer groups have been in full swing to help get impacted families back to normalcy.

However, some groups are running into a problem now. Volunteers are stretched thin.

The American Red Cross is one group that has seen many people come in and out of the doors of the old Armory National Guard building.

“Red Cross is around 90 percent volunteers so that’s a very high percentage and our mission states that through the generosity of volunteers and donors that’s how we do what we do,” said Red Cross shelter manager Joe Norton.

The shelter serves as a community center for people to come in and grab food and daily essentials but the Red Cross also offers some financial assistance.

“The population, in general, fluctuates as people get their assistance from other agencies FEMA and then the red cross is offering based on certain criteria some assistance as well,” said Norton.

Three miles away the United Way of Northeast Mississippi is witnessing a shortage as well.

Kim Rushing, the Volunteer Director. Volunteers are coming through with distribution efforts but she says that’s not enough.

“We also debris clean up volunteers from everything from raking yards you know for elderly people who are not able to do that to moving huge stomps and heavy equipment kind of volunteer needs,” said Rushing.

Rushing is optimistic by a certain group offering their expertise to students.

“It’s great for the students because they can learn things like this we have some meteorology students today who are going to go out and see some of the damage and see what that do we’ve had nursing students who have gone house to house to access the needs of the people in the homes just as far as health care so it’s been a learning experience for everyone including all of us,” said Rushing.

The American Red Cross will provide a community lunch this Sunday from 2 until 4 at the old National Guard building.

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