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MACON, Miss. (WCBI) Deyon Taylor says he will turn himself in to Macon Police Friday. The 32-year old Macon man is wanted on charges of child pornography.

He told WCBI he doesn’t want to go to jail for a crime he says he did not commit.

“I’m not running, I’m not turning myself in because it’s the fact that I have not done this crime and I feel it isn’t right,” said Taylor.

The case broke this week. 18-year old Jeremiah Davis is charged with 1 count of sexual battery and 2 counts of enticement of a minor.Taylor is wanted by the Macon Police in connection with the crime.

“It’s still open and it’s still on going and we have two adults charged in this crime. We have Jeremiah Davis in custody and we’re currently looking for Deyon Taylor,” said Chief Lucious Mason.

Today, Taylor called WCBI to explain why he has not turned himself in to authorities.

“They talking about I took the picture because I hang with him, they feel if I hang with him they feel I know everything about what he does. I don’t care about dealing with a child, all I do is ride with Jeremiah, when he goes to see his friend, all I do is ride,” added Taylor.

Taylor says he did not take any pictures of the victim. He also insists he did not post any pictures using social media.

“I don’t have a Facebook page at all and I don’t need to post nothing on Facebook when everybody in the world knows what’s going on. Everyone in this town knows what’s going on,” said Taylor.

Friday, Taylor says he will sit down one on one with an investigator, discuss the case, and then face the charges at the police station.


  • king

    noxubee county police department is a piece of garbage…honestly they are going to sweap this under the rug as they do everything else..as the accused stated they know exactly whats going on they are just not going to do anythibg about it. as tgey charged they wrong person in aceatly 90 rape case. closed the case on a teen murdering her child..and coubtless rape cases involvibg teachers and students. this is sick and doesnt make any sense that noxubee county people only get involved when drugs are involved because most officers are apart of drung trafficing in and out of they county..so im hoing to wait and watch this case be dismissed and wsit another ten tears for it to happen again…as i stated its not drugs so really you can do anything you want to fo in macon Mississippi nothing is going to happen…feel free to rape steal kill violate..your uncle works for the police department or you distance cousin is a judge so you will get off

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