WCBI/MSU Storm Chase Day 9 Recap

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI) – Getting into North Platte, NE, late Monday, we traveled to southwest Iowa Wednesday morning to position for developing storms.

Ia 4

Initial storms over eastern Nebraska developed into far western Iowa with severe hail & wind concerns. We remained well ahead of those storms, but we did capture some of the leading mammatus clouds (pictured above).

Ia 2

Things ramped up closer to 3 PM, and storms quickly acquired rotation. In the above picture, we observed the tornado as it was moving northeast toward Greenfield, IA.

Ia 3

Over the next few minutes, a much larger tornado came into view. The above picture was edited for contrast, but clearly a wedge tornado is in progress. This storm ended up moving right over Greenfield, IA, and continued on to the northeast. Based on radar, tornado debris was lofted to between 30-40k feet.

Storm surveys from NWS Des Moines will likely continue for the next several days to determine ratings. Follow the latest here.

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