The west point police department works to clear old warrants

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- The West Point Police Department works to clear old warrants.

There are nearly a million dollars in unpaid fines since 2019, and it seems like the list keeps growing. 

More money leads to more problems.

There are 65 pages, 1,300 names, and close to a million dollars in unpaid fines.

Police Chief Avery Cook says getting folks to foot the bill is still an issue.

“We thought it was a good idea and the judge that we update this list and put it out so the public can view it,” said Cook.

” If their name is on there, we’re giving them till the end of the month. They have till April 30th, to come in. They’ll see the judge, make payment arrangements, and take their names off the list,” said Cook.

Waiting after the due date could result in another warrant and possible jail time.

Cook also says posting the warrant list on Facebook lets more residents know when they have an outstanding fine.

” That was a way of getting that out there versus putting it in the newspaper. Everybody doesn’t get a newspaper. Most people have social media, or they know somebody on social media,” said Cook.

In 2019, up to $400,000 was collected.

This time around, Cook expects at least $700,000.

” We don’t have the manpower to go out and serve these warrants and try to get these warrants signed. Our officers will come in, and they’ll pick several warrants. They’ll try to serve those. It’s time to do your part,” said Cook.

Warrant lists will be updated weekly at the West Point Police Department and on their Facebook page.

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