What role do constables serve?

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Constables.

A job the community relies on, but what exactly do they do?

“Our main job I guess you might say is working for the justice court,” said Constable Lewis Stafford.

That comes with a lot of responsibility.

“We serve all of the civil processes that come out of justice court, the subpoenas, the summons can serve warrants, we do bailiff work during court times, and we call the docket we call up who’s going to be in front of the judge and to keep order in the courtroom,” said Stafford.

While serving papers is their main job, they also have other powers.

“We actually have full police powers as any other law-enforcement officer does. We all have to be certified through the state board and Jackson on training to be certified,” said Stafford.

“He’s able to make arrests traffic stops anything that he needs to do law-enforcement wise he is able to do it. They also serve as the eyes and ears for us, they are law enforcement officers, so anytime that we need assistance, they are always there coming to lend a helping hand,” said Sheriff Scott.

But helping out doesn’t mean they work for those agencies.

“A lot of folks have a conception that we work for the sheriff’s department, and we work with them we don’t work for them,” said Stafford.

“There have been times where we have needed assistance that these guys have actually come out and helped us so again they are a tremendous asset,” said Sheriff Scott.

Constable Lewis Stafford said even though he is an elected official, the county doesn’t pay for much.

“All the equipment that we use as constables we purchase it ourselves with the exception of two uniforms and a radio, vehicles, and upkeep, and gas. All of that is comes out of our pocket,” said Stafford.

Stafford said the position is fee-based instead of a salary. Constables are paid based on the papers that they serve.

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