Video: What To Do At A Traffic Stop

by Victoria Bailey

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)—The rules of traffic stops is starting to be unclear, many question what to do when officers pull you over.

dealing with an officer these days is becoming more difficult because of the lack of understanding mixed with the communication gap between the officer and the community. It makes the officers job more difficult and it make the public uncomfortable interacting with law enforcement.

State Trooper Greg Bell says,”first of all no traffic stop is routine.”

Being an officer is not an easy task. and in the current climate it seems like being a citizen is getting tougher.

everyone has or knows some one who has been pulled over . different people respond to traffic stops in different ways.

” you know listen to what he says and if i don’t agree with it then voice it just in a respectful manner.”

” provide the information he is asking you to do …. routine stop”

“Reach in my glove compartment to get my drivers licence and insurance”

“keep you hands where they can see them and don’t move quickly toward anything.”

Trooper Bells says,”the most common reason for being pulled over is going to be speeding uhh you also have your improper equipment it being your headlight out or y our tag light out or a tag light out something that has to do with your vehicle. As the officer passes you or approaches you he observes that.”

” most of us have been taught what to do when we get pulled over like have our licenses out and insurance… but what do the officers actually want us to do.” “hello ma’am do you have your licence and registration… miss bailey if you remain in your vehicle ill be right back.”

Mississippi law says everyone must have their drivers licence on them while driving a car

When you are pulled over safety is a concern for both the driver and the officer. High way Patrolman Greg Bell says that compliance from the people in the vehicle makes the process go faster.

“the first thing you as a driver is going to do is look in one of your rear view mirrors and you need to ACKNOWLEDGE that officer turn your blinker on, turn you hazards on. That lets that officer know hey it’s me that being pulled over. Go ahead and pull over to the right shoulder, go ahead and put your hands on the steering wheel.” Trooper Bell goes on to say,”What we’re looking for is what we’re looking for when we conduct a traffic stop, why were’re stoppin is were’re looking for movement in the vehicle. so I wouldn’t recommend reaching for it… just go ahead and get you licence and insurance out till the officer actually asks you for it… and that keeps you safe that keeps him safe”

video recording is happening more and more now a days, especially with social media and Trooper Bell says video taping does provide some level of safety but can also create a bad situation for the officer.

” the traffic stops are being videoed there’s a lot of good stuff coming from those videos but there’s also a lot of bad stuff too. you know it’s already distracting to the officer and it creates a, it puts in their minds that this traffic stop is about to go and it put in their mind that this traffic stop is fixing to go bad in some way,” Trooper Bell said.

Trooper Bell goes on to say.. once your talking with the officer be respectful, because the officer will be respectful to you and if you feel that you are being mistreated in some way, let the judge for the respectful county handle the issue.

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