When do you tip the most? People in Columbus share thoughts

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s the option most people are seeing at the end of a service.

That question is whether you would like to add a tip to your transaction.

Some people see it as an option while others view it as a requirement.

WCBI heard what people in Columbus think about tipping.

Take a look.

“It’s really made me aware. Since I am a business owner about tipping, I do tip wherever I go because I know that it’s part of their paycheck,” said Regina Unruh.

“Usually when I go to a restaurant, I always tip. I don’t care if the service is not the best or if it’s just a pickup order. I always tip because if anyone is like me it’s kind of hard to live sometimes with how everything is,” said Ana Kate King.

“I always tip everywhere I go because I am a college student and tips are much appreciated and sometimes servers don’t get paid a lot anyway,” said Ella Bowen.

“I do tip at restaurants. Most of my tipping is based on the service. I think if you give good service you should get a good tip and if you give bad service you shouldn’t be tipped at all. You know most restaurants I go to my tip is already included so I just tip based on service,” said Demarco Brown.

” I tip everywhere I go even if the service isn’t very good just to let them know that they are still appreciated even though they are not very good,” said Rianne Koehn.

“You should tip anywhere you go. It’s not mandatory but we should all be good humans and help each other out. We all need some extra help,” said Deonna Gattis.

KS: “A lot of places now even when you get a pick up order they give you the option to tip. What are your thoughts on that?”

“I do. I would. Because a lot of places you have a lot – Columbus is a big college town so a lot of those kids’ funds are based off that service so you got a kid that is in college living paycheck to paycheck getting like a $2 an hour check yeah I would tip a restaurant if I had a togo order,” said Deonna Gattis.

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