Wings over Winston Aircraft Show

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Eyes were glued to the sky as smoke trails from aircraft filled the skies of Louisville.

From Warbirds to T-34s, the 5th annual Wings over Winston aircraft show brought acts from all over the country to the Lousiville-Winston county airport.

“We travel state to state mainly for fun. We’re not really an air show act. We fly just to entertain ourselves and just to entertain the crowd,” said Lead Pilot Howard Thomas.

For pilot Thomas Palmer, flying aircraft is a dream come true.

“I was absolutely enthralled with the air shows, and I thought someday if I can ever get actually to be flying in an air shaft show, it would just be a dream come true, and it truly is right now I’m getting to live my dream,” said Palmer.

He says the best part about airshows like this is the sense of community.

“The favorite part of flying are the friendships and the people you meet along the way,” said Palmer

And for pals Brody Ming and Jack Young, their friendship could one day become a pilot partnership.

“What do you say me and you team up,” asked Young.

“See there. I just got you into something that you cannot back out of,” said Young.

The event was completely free for the public

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