Winston County Officers reach out for new employees

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – If you are interested in the law and working with the corrections system, this may be the job for you.

The Winston-Choctaw County Correction Facility is looking for officers to join its team.

“If anybody needs a job we have it at Winston-Choctaw regional correction Facility so if you want to work we got the job for you,” said Watt.

If you are looking for work or even a change of occupation this may be exactly what you are looking for.

The Winston-Choctaw County Regional Correction Facility is recruiting 10 people to be a part of their team.

Deputy Warden Terrence Watt says they may be short-staffed but they still try to keep their facility running smoothly with the employees they do have.

“The process with limited officers you have to be more cautious and we still give them yard calls but we have to actually give them a limited amount of time that we give them on a yard based on our staffing. We do what we can. We actually shift our shifts and a lot of guys are working overtime, unfortunately. We do what we do in order to maintain the facility for the safety of the inmates,” said Watt.

Watt says they are reaching out to possible employees through as many avenues as possible.

“We went as far as Facebook on the internet. we went to the local WIN center. I have some officers go to their local churches. anybody you know that can pass a drug test and want to work we got a job for you here, ” said Watt.

Watt says their employees are still managing to keep things running smoothly even after long hours because of the love they have for their job.

“A lot of dedicated officers who put a lot of time in. a lot of guys work an extra 4 or 5 hours a day just to make sure we maintain the safety and security of the officers and inmates here. There s a lot of dedicated officers, to be honest with you,” said Watt.

A maximum of 380 inmates can be housed at the regional facility in Winston Academy.

If you are interested in a job, you can contact the correction facility for more information.


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