Winter storm impacts businesses across Northeast Mississippi

Icy road make it slow going for travel during snow and ice storm

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – As a mix of sleet and snow was falling, work was underway to clear some of the ice in front of Brooks Grocery.

“We are just trying to get it to where you can do business, get ice, snow, and sleet off, so when you drive up you don’t slip and fall,” said VM Cleveland, owner of the West Main Shopping Center.

Inside the West Tupelo Grocery store, traffic was light, as customers were getting the usual items for a Northeast Mississippi snowstorm.

“Bread, milk, toiletry items, ground beef of course,” said Ben Kennedy, manager of Brooks Grocery.

Business was so slow that Brooks closed early.

Traffic was also light on the roadways, as most businesses were shut down for the day. Convenience stores were open, along with the Tupelo Nutrishop.

“We had a few customers, regular people who came in,  I’m catching up on some things from the weekend, probably won’t be here all day, but a couple of hours finishing up things from the weekend,” said Adam Richardson, owner of Nutrishop.

In a nearby neighborhood, kids, who would have been out of school anyway for MLK Day, were enjoying the surprise snow day, even if their parents weren’t as enthusiastic about the winter weather.

“They love it, me, not so much. I don’t like snow at all,” said Gernarro Cole.

“We have been playing for 30 minutes, my brother really likes the snow, for the last two years it hasn’t snowed,” said Morgan Cole.

“I love school, but honestly, this is the best day I ever had,” said Moriah Cole.

Temperatures aren’t expected to get above freezing for another day or so and already a host of businesses and schools have announced closings for Tuesday, with more expected.

A spokesman with MDOT said salt is ineffective with the low temperatures.  However, as soon as the temps rise, salt will be applied, along with plowing.

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