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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Thanks to a quick thinking neighbor a woman’s home is still standing.

The owner of a Columbus house is counting her blessings after an oven fire was dangerously close to destroying her home. A quick thinking neighbor saved the day.

Firefighters were dispatched just after 9:30 Tuesday night to a house on fire, or so they thought. Next door neighbor, Hilda Fox, new something wasn’t right.

Neighbor Hilda Fox says, “I heard the fire alarm going off, well alarm really and I looked around and I smelt something and I checked my house. I went to the back door and I smelled aroma coming from my neighbors house.”

Fox ran over and frantically knocked on the door. When no one answered, she looked in the windows and saw smoke quickly filling up the house.

Fox says, “I thought she might have been in the house asleep because she works three jobs. And I didn’t want anything to happen to her because her car was there. She doesn’t usually go anywhere without her car.”

When Columbus firefighters arrived on the scene they had to force their way in only to find the oven on and whatever was cooking on fire. Firefighters quickly extinguished the oven, then cleared the smoke out of the house.

According to Fox, “We always lookout for the neighborhood. I’m on neighborhood watch. I’m up all times of the night. I’ve got a sickness but I get up and walk out this door many times through the night just to check and see what’s going on in the neighborhood.”

It’s community pride at its best, neighbors looking out for neighbors ensuring everyone stays safe.

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