UPDATE: Eupora Police Officer Killed In Line Of Duty

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14 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    Not only will the taxpayers foot the bill for medical expenses, if they go to jail it will continue. I say since the officer was killed, they should face the death sentence…..and get it, not sit on death row for 20 years.
    Come on people, demand justice!

    • Former Eupora Citizen says:

      All of you people should go pray and stop judging the one’s responsible for this tragedy. My prayers go out to the Crenshaw Family for their loss. And as far as the taxpayers money goes; the citizens of Eupora and the State of Ms tax money also pay for the officers employment. He did his job and will be missed…and the “thugs” are being judged by the One and Only Qualified Judge….and it is not in ANY court here on this Earth.!

  2. Rita Meaders says:

    My heart is full right now, Keith was a great man!!! He will be missed!!
    Pray for the family and the Town of Eupora!!!

  3. Rita Meaders says:

    My heart is full, when I find out it was Keith, my mind went to his family!!
    He will be Missed!! Town of Eupora and his Family!!!

  4. Rita Meaders says:

    My prays are with the family and the town of Eupora!!!
    He was a great friend. He will be missed!!!!

  5. Misty Jackson Busby says:

    Praying for his precious family and the Eupora Police Dept. family. Praying for The Lord’s comfort upon your hearts in this delicate time. Ps. 147:3.

  6. hikingnut says:

    Our prayers go out to the 3 sons that had their father taken from them.We feel for your loss Papah Crenshaw. and the City of Eupora

  7. DeAnn Leach says:

    Thank you all for your kind words. Please know that our family appreciates your thoughts and prayers. From the time he was very young, all Keith ever talked about becoming was a law officer. He leaves behind a grieving father, sister, 6 children and 4 grandchildren, as well as many cousins who will miss him greatly.

  8. Margaret says:

    Praying for the officer’s family. Its a damn shame taxpayers will be responsible for the healthcare bill of the others involved.

    • Al says:

      May GOD be with Officer Crenshaw’s family and help them get through this tough time, but they certainly can be proud of him for his service to all the people. And, maybe these thugs who’s healthcare bill the taxpayers will have to pay will turn into a one-way ticket for a nice (unfortunately) painless death for the 2 thugs that probably shouldn’t have been out on the streets anyway!

  9. Gregory Petty says:

    A fine officer was lost today but never will be forgotten.
    Please keep the family in your prayers.

    • Cynthia says:

      My deepest condolences to Officer Keith Crenshaw’s family, friends, department and communities he served. I pray that the love of the Lord Jesus Christ surround each of you as you pass through this time of grief & sorrow. Hold tight to each other and this storm will pass by remembering his friendship with each of you. Officer Crenshaw’s life touched so many as he lived in and served the people of Eupora and of the State of Mississippi. As a Survivor, I know the heart wrenching pain, the darkness of the day and the need to have the lights on all night. It will pass. I have been there and can promise you it does ease — through your memories of everything Officer Crenshaw did, said and was. Carry on with his life’s desires. Keep his dreams a part of your heritage. Know the pain will ease. It will ease as the memories flood your thoughts. Hold those memories in your heart. You will know he is still close to you as your memories of Officer Crenshaw begins to bring the smile back to your heart and face. Let both smiles show that he is still standing next to you as you live, play, work and serve. He will always be there with you. Always know “Our HEROES will NEVER DIE!”

  10. John Callahan says:

    Prayers for the officer’s family.

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