Brooksville Woman is Brutally Assaulted

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4 Responses

  1. p.eggleston says:

    For ANY-MAN, to beat on a woman, he have no respect for his own mother. I know women will make you want to harm them, same as men, in any relationship, but the things that are instilled in you, is truly hard to fight. Look at he picture as Patreon Hopkins would, and I am sure he will tell you; A man hit my mother or sister, I” ll do this and that. Well, I am more than certain that, this young womans family, and every other family feels the same way. As far as the bond goes, regardless to the circumstances, theJudge should be reprimanded, and the citizens should not support him/her in the future. As for the Violence suffered by this young woman AND OTHERS; WE THE PEOPLE MUST SEEK HARSH AND MANDATORY….SENTENCES. Oh,I heard you; Everybody disagree with my opinion, until the Act”s hit home.

  2. Of course you can! says:

    Sure u can when your father is a policeman and she is trying to cover it up!

  3. More then I can say says:

    So if he had taken her life, would his bond still been a $1,000. What is up with the COPS in Macon. You can really get away with stuff in Noxubee County.

  4. M Thompson says:

    $1000 Bond!!!! You have got to be kidding me!!!!

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