Bruce Man Arrested In Connection To Bomb Threat

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  1. Kayla Allen says:

    It was very shocking to know that this man…Matthew Allen is in fact the same man that I am going through a divorce with, not to mention that at the time he had our two girls and was supposed to be watching them…but yet it has been days now and I am still in the dark about the details of this case…I heard it was his brother that he was trying to play a prank on who has at the movies at the time but appartently a very stupid joke to play. Him and his whole family refuses to talk to me about what really happened or what could happen to the father of my is really going to face jail or prision time over this??? It is hard being in the dark and not allowed to ask any questions or getting answers from anyone b/c they do not want to talk about it!!! I mean what is really going on???

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