Choctaw Consolidation Ruling

RH Brown

RH Brown

The former veteran radio announcer and veteran Vietnam Era Army Medic is also an author. His autobiographical book, Call Me Gullah: An American Heritage is available via in paperback and kindle.

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  1. A says:

    To quote user name JrDawg on‘s Choctaw County Schools Consolidation forum thread on 6.8.12 :

    “Most people in the county are not opposed to consolidation, but most are opposed to the plan that was adopted. The superintendent’s wife is married to the second cousin of two different school board members. Those two school board members are first cousins. The superintendent and one of those members live in French Camp. The other cousin lives in Ackerman, but his loyalties lie in French Camp. Those two board members were able to convice one other weak and easily manipulated board member into passing the plan, which did pass on a 3-2 vote. At French Camp, there is a public elementary school that goes through eighth grade. French Camp Academy a private Christian school has a high school consisting of a 9-12 grade. Most all of the public school students then walk across the street and attend FCA their last four years of school,instead of attending Weir High School, which is where they would otherwise attend. Under the consolidation plan, French Camp Elementary school will only be a pre-K- 5th grade school. The private academy now intends to open a 6-8 grade middle school at the academy. Most everyone feels like the plan that was adopted was done so to protect the interest of FCA and the parents and children in French Camp. Needless to say, the board member from Ackerman that voted for the plan has become one of the most hated men in town, because everyone that voted for him believes that he stabbed them in the back and voted against the interests of those he was elected to represent.

    From what I hear, there is now going to be a bunch of hell unleashed. French Camp Academy plays football free of charge on a football field located onsixteenth section land and uses that and other public school property as if it belongs to them. People from the private academy are also allowed to come into the public school and preach to the students. Coaches from the academy coach athletic teams at the public school. Students in the eighth grade,the public school, play on French Camp Academy sports teams, even though the schools are separate, distinct, and have no legal affiliation with each other. In essence, French Camp Academy uses players that do not go to school there. There are certainly rumblings that the MSHAA is very soon going to be invited to investigate FCA’s use of illegal players and that the state auditor and the secretary of state are going to be invited to investigate the school board for allowing sixteenth section land and other public property to be misued. My prediction is that it will be a long, hot summer in Choctaw County.”

    Now do you see why our Choctaw County School district needs to save money because our school board can’t settle issues but has to go to legal court to sort out the county’s good ole boy politics. WCBI just come to our Board of Supervisor’s meetings as it would give you more examples to report and costly ones!

    As for now the consolidation process:

    The process at the high school will be a healing and coping experience for the next few years!

    Just for thought: for healing the communities why not combine the school colors as Navy Blue, Red and White and be patriotic for the soldiers who have served the county and let the mascot be the “Patriots?” Come on and get this one right, for the children and citizens of Choctaw County and show the soldiers and veterans some respect!

    I suppose Choctaw High will be an independent for the next two years, right?

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