Cochran, McDaniel Continue to Spar Over ‘Crossovers’

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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  1. Ed says:

    I will not vote for Cock-Roach if he’s in the general election, hate to vote for a DemocRAT but I will.

  2. eeee says:

    For those of you paying attention at home, note that team Cochran only lists about 50 of the 82 counties. In particular, team Cochran makes no mention of Rankin, Simpson, Jeff Davis, Leake … and give no numbers for Madison and Hinds. These are the counties surrounding the capitol Jackson, which are specifically being sued in federal court by 22 Mississippi voters and conservative election-integrity-group True The Vote, for refusing to divulge public records (and in at least one instance for alleged destruction of public records).

    Also sued were Copiah county, Lauderdale county, and Yazoo county. Google the phrase circuit clerk McDaniel Cochran Lauderdale, to see what kind of stories are coming out about the vote-counting. Also, note that Joe Nosef is now saying that the state repub party has no control over the primary, so MSGOP cannot be sued… and simultaneously, secState Hosemann is also saying that the state of Mississippi has no control over internal party elections, thus they *also* cannot be sued. Sigh. Also, Nosef has vowed to blackball the 22 Mississippi citizens, most of them tea party leadership, that signed onto the so-called “frivolous” lawsuit.

    If you want to see the truth, find your local liberty-oriented activists, and volunteer to help with the integrity work. Heck, for that matter, find your local establishment-republican group, or even your local democrat party (if they bother to have one where you live). Fraudulent elections are the death-knell of solving our problems with votes. Please help, if you can.

    (McDaniel found over 1000 suspicious votes in Hinds county alone on 6/25, the day after the runoff… since then, Connie Cochran of the Hinds cty election board has been quoted saying that no records were destroyed… and team Cochran above says that “no examination done” is their status for Hinds county votes. Over the last three weeks, the number of irregularities that McDaniel volunteers have discovered has gone from 1000 to 1500 to 3300 to 4900 to 8300, and there are plenty of officials still stonewalling, and allegations that absentee-ballot-related stuff is being destroyed… ripe for fraud since there is no voter-ID for those kind of votes.)

  3. Ed says:

    Cochran and his campaign are lets say less than creditable people, bad for Mississippi….42 years is enough, you are the problem. We need new blood in Washington…..all the way through, run all of them out…..what a sorry lot, starting with the dirt bag obama himself.

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