Video: Columbus Christmas Parade Held Downtown

LaMonica Peters

LaMonica Peters

Reporter and Fill-in Anchor for WCBI News since July 2012. Proudly bringing local news stories to the great people of Northeast Mississippi.

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  1. Thresa Wheat says:

    Again WCBI disappoints us with their lack of coverage regarding the Budweiser Clydesdales coming to our city.We couldn’t make the parade for having other commitments on this date and we rushed home afterwards to see the news and to get a peek at the horses in the parade…what an disappointment.
    This is something that had an impact to every kid and grownup kids in the city and county. We in this house don’t even watch the news anymore because, why bother? Award winning news….its a joke and you should be ashamed to even claim the awards. The lack of coverage in this area has a lot of folks looking to other sources to see whats going on…don’t you even feel embarrassed when the Packet out does the TV station in coverage?? Thanks WCBI for your snubbing the one celebrity this town has seen in many years and I’m sure it will be the last time we will see them here in The Friendly City.

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