Congressman Nunnelee Hosts Townhall in Columbus

LaMonica Peters

LaMonica Peters

Reporter and Fill-in Anchor for WCBI News since July 2012. Proudly bringing local news stories to the great people of Northeast Mississippi.

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2 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    Nunnlee has become part of the problem, he has forgotten who he works for. He does not have the best interst of his district at heart, or he wouldn’t talk the BS that comes from Washington.
    Until we get someone up there that knows he works for the people/voters of district 1 of Mississippi and not the special interest/lobbiest we are in deep do-do.

    The people voted out Childers, maybe we need to vote out Nunnlee !!!!!

  2. Julia says:

    Great! Where are those town halls over the next two weeks? And why hasn’t he signed on to Rep. Mark Meadow’s letter to shut down the Government and not fund Obamacare?

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