UPDATE: Contract Worker Dies After Accident at CAFB

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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5 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    In reference to Ed; have you ever worked on a military installation? I have for 28 of the last 30 years, mostly at Columbus. NOTHING is emphasized and scrutinized more than safety. Emphasis and training, however, does not eliminate the human factor. Humans do make mistakes and accidents do happen. This is not to take away from the tragedy of another lost life. My thoughts are with his widow and young child.

  2. Ed says:

    That’s the second worker thats been “KILLED” at the base in just a few months. Do they have no contract management on the base and/or safety departments to oversee this work…..how many more will die out there? It’s clear the contractors are very lax on safety……OSHA needs to take a good long look at this and bring charges where due.

    • Michael says:

      what were the circumstances with the first worker killed in the past few months before this death on may 15?

      • Steve Rogers says:

        If you are referring to the accident where the contract worker died tragically as a result of electricution, Coroner Greg Merchant says federal and local investigators determined it to be an error by the victim.

    • Bethaney Rodgers says:

      Thank you this was my little brother and I know for a fact in just being there 3 weeks he was not trained well enough to work machinery let alone his body fully turned in the machine before it was stopped. So yea they have safety issues that should be corrected

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