Video: CVB Passes Ethics Policy Code

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2 Responses

  1. Col_Voter says:

    Mrs. Carpenter’s quote of “Board members approved a policy code stating that no elected official CVB board member, employee or relative can request or receive any public funds from the organization.” The CVB Board members are not ELECTED they are APPOINTED.

    The biggest conflict of interest is the Columbus Cultural Heritage Foundation which gets most of its funding from the CVB. The CVB board members are the Board of Directors of he CCHF. Therefore the CCHF is being funded by CVB board therefore they are getting public funds to operate. This is without making an appeal in open session of the CVB. This occurs in their budgeting process which is generally done at their retreat.

  2. Jane Doe says:

    Now the CVB board wants to operate under the auspice of ethics!!! That’s a good thing however they have the biggest unethical hypocrit at the helm of the organization with Nancy as the Director. She came in with a backstabbing agenda and pouted her way to the top. Ethics are good but when the Director can’t spell ethics… Now that’s a problem!!!

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