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  1. NEED TO KNOW says:

    It is so sad to see such violence in the community of West Point MS. As of a parents, students, or community itself we all need to come together and stop all this violence. This is a sad situation for the Robinson and the Evans family. Life is to short for all this violence, negativity, drama, and jealousy. So sad to say, I own blacks fighting against black,and killing one another. Look at the ratio of how many blacks are behind prison bars. We got to come together. You do not have to like a person, but always love everybody. At the end of the day everybody need to be accountable of their own actions. A SIN IS A SIN NO MATTER WHO DOES IT!!!

  2. Ex West Point Girl says:

    MPG said it best. Who “jumps ” someone .. cowards! This is utterly ridiculous and justice should be served. Regardless, she is a 17 year old and these were full grown women. The parents should sue for medical damages. Don’ t they understand the severity of bullying? Children are committing suicide everyday because of bullying. Hopefully, there parents and families listened closely to the video. She said, “I didn’t want to be here”. How sad! Prayers for Chelisa and her family. Protect your child at all cost Melissa and Dewayne.

  3. Dee. Y says:

    First of all, this whole situation is so mind-bottling! People should learn how to control themselves; I’m not going to go in dept about what happened because i wasn’t there nor do i know what happen to lead up to this situation. However, people should learn how to conduct themselves in a mild manner and do what is right.. Regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual preference. We all as people should help one another, and stop all this violence. The world is already a crazy place and you never know what a person is going through. So the best thing i can say about this situation is that i’m sorry for EVERYONE in this situation and i hope God gives you all a Second chance to redeem yourselves, and you learned the pros and cons of this situation (as in what to do and what not to do).

  4. Ms Diva says:

    Why would this girl lie? She was in tears telling the story. It does not take a whole clan of clowns to fight one person. The parents of these misfits should be held responsible also. It makes me sick to my stomach hearing these stories. Grow up and learn something!!!!

  5. Mel says:

    @anynomous that is my younger cousin, and anybody in their right would know that was bullying. She has always been a mild mannered young lady and she has never just been the one to start fights or be in fights. She was attacked by several people…clearly that is bullying

    • MPG says:

      People are so ignorant. She is still a child that was beaten up on two separate occasions in the same week. No matter what she said or did she did not deserve to be beaten up. Parents, what if this was your child? Relatives, what if it was your family member? Kids, what if it was you? Put, yourself in Chelisa place!!! I guess all “we” can do is laugh/praise!! I’m so a shame for those who being so ignorant!!

  6. Eager says:

    this makes no since i dont know what to say but the violence need to stop. There is no reason for a group of people to fight one person that makes the whole bunch seems weak, And i garuntee you that whatever they was fighting over was not worth that aggravated assault charge.

    • Anonymous says:

      if only you knew…..dont judge a book by its cover!!! Everything aint what it seen just because it’s on tv because they expectuating and exaggerating for a better story!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is really sad! Some people are so foolish, mean, and cruel! My prayers go out to Chelisa and her family!

  8. MPG says:

    It is truly a shame. Many parents are not taking responsibility for their kid’s actions. Some are aware and some are not. There is no justifications for “jumping”. “Jumping” is where two or more outnumber an individual/s to give them a “beat down”. Who are these people? Savages.. That is cruel to say but, I feel only animals attack in pacts!!! Our young people are headed to their graves or a prison cell. The West Point Police Department needs to investigate and take the necessary actions this incident and many others Yes, you are dealing with kids but there comes a time when kids are not acting like kids. A fight can lead to an untimely death or to a permanent disability. My prayers goes out to the Robinson family and all the other families that is going through this.

  9. Anynomous says:

    This is all a lie!! No one hit this poor child with a stick! Her own mother, sister, cousins, watched as she fought! She was ready to fight as she ran full force to the road to fight the other young lady! This is ridiculous claims! Why would her mother allow her to fight in the first place! This isn’t bullying!!!!

    • talicia says:

      yal dont know what happen yall aint diz child she proably got beat even more than that what if it was u and she was callin u a lie how would u feel im not tryin to start any mess but its true

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