Death Row Inmate Seeks New Trial

Paulo Salazar

Paulo Salazar

Paulo comes to us from San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Mississippi State University in 2007 and loves his MSU Bulldogs. Paulo has been with WCBI News over four years and curerently serves as the Weekend Anchor and weekly reporter. To contact him feel free to email him at or follow him on twitter @paulosalazar34.

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2 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    This is the problem in the country, inmates get to many appeals. Make sure he, and others got a fair trial then carry out the sentance. How long has he been on death row…..way too long, lets get it over with. We need to bring back public hangings……this would help reduce crime.

    • TLC says:

      @ Ed-First make sure the person accused really committed the crime before you call for bringing back public hangings! There was false testimony given @ the original trial and key witnesses were ignored and not even considered. He deserves a chance to prove his innonence just like you would want to happen if were you sitting on death row. Just recently there were 4-6 convictions of African-American males in the Golden Triangle area that DNA evidence caused to be acquitted. Afterwhich, the local DA couldn’t even muster up enough human decency to apologize for their wrongful convictions and imprisonment! You are talking about another person’s life here, have some human compassion and allow him the chance to defend himself. Everyone who is accussed of, and in many cases convicted of, a crime isn’t necessarily the actual person who committed the crime.

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