Death Row Inmate’s Family Files Law Suit

LaMonica Peters

LaMonica Peters

Reporter and Fill-in Anchor for WCBI News since July 2012. Proudly bringing local news stories to the great people of Northeast Mississippi.

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4 Responses

  1. hohohossa says:

    I’ve never read anything about digging up the graves, not even in the court opinions. There would be no need to disturb the graves since there is a rape kit and fingernail scrapings. Manning has been asking since 2001 for this evidence to be tested, as well as new fingerprint analysis done on fingerprints that didn’t match Manning. Now they have two letters from the FBI explaining that the testimony by the FBI lab technician was incorrect on the hair analysis linking it to an African American. The letter states it is outside the scope of the science. They have offered to do DNA for free.

  2. Crystal says:

    The Mississippi Supreme Court split 5 to 4 last week on whether Mr. Manning should have the right to do DNA testing taken from the victims before he’s executed. Mr. Manning has been seeking DNA testing since 2001. From what I understand he wants to dig up the graves of the victims to get Their DNA.. He should NOT be allowed to do this and put the families threw this!!!

  3. FROMtheHOOD says:

    TEST the DNA. How can you execute someone that is not guilty. From the looks of it it seem like a INSIDE job

  4. hohohossa says:

    Test the DNA

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