Video: Food Stamps For Pets

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4 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    I live in Florida and I assure you that people who have fallen on hard times have been abandoning their pets! I chased a man down the street in his vehicle as his dog ran after his vehicle. I jumped in my car and tried to catch him but some lady pulled out in front of me in her car and I lost him. Last I saw the dog was still chasing him up the street. Perhaps if he had known there was help out there he would have not tried to abandon his pet.

  2. Kayla says:

    I think this is absurd. Where do they think the money is coming from for this? I am a pet lover with 3 dogs and 1 cat, but this is what shelters are for!

    • Kandi says:

      shelters are for UNWANTED pets Kayla..NOT to feed peoples pets..This is a great idea for the elderly who are alone.Pets are great companions for them..I am in favor of this..There is a church in Idaho that in fact hands out pet food at their food pantry..NOW THAT is true christian love !!I asked and they said ..Animals are our companions and as such should be fed also…

  3. Nina says:

    This would help alot of people that need companions but are unable to afford their food. Furry four legged friends help cure some of the loneliness that many elderly and disabled people suffer from.

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