Update: Former Police Officer Arrested

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2 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Is is a requirement of WCBI to know how to properly word a sentence before posting on their website??? Shame on you Nicole Bexten for your illiterate story writing. Not just this story either, take your pick.

    Here’s an idea

    A former Brooksville Police Officer is behind bars

    A warrant was issued last week for former Brooksville Police Officer Chris Taylor. He is accused of embezzlement for failing to return property belonging to the department. The items in question include a flashlight, uniforms, and a bulletproof vest.

    I could continue but why finish your job.

  2. Jarvis says:

    I knew that boy was no good! I hope they find him and throw him under the jail for a long time! It’s sad that he has put his family through so much.

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