Inmate Admits to Fatally Beating Other Inmate

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  1. Rebecca White says:

    I would like to know if there is going to be any consequences fo either tyler smith who murdered cliff. Or the guards who obviously didnt do there jobs. Being as these inmates were not supposed to have contact. Also where were the guards during the whole assault(MURDER) were they part of the murder or just that incompetant that Cliff had to pay with his life. I would also like to now how this person felt so intimidated buy cliff since he was barely over a hundred pounds. Also how was he intimidated buy cliffs friends/ acquantences since cliff had been transferred that month and wasn’t in population at any time to plot or make friends with someone who also would want tyler dead. So my question for the prison is why would you transfer cliff to what someone would assume would be a safer place to have you supervise his murder and than put in the paper that there will be an investigation and consequences and I have been hunting in every article and have not once seen any consequences as a matter of fact. I dont evan see Tyler as an inmate any more and if you let him walk out on his out date after murdering someone than that really does make it look like your guards were purposely involved in cliffs death. He was a very sweet man and did not deserve to be murdered he was paying for what he had done wrong and we all were looking forward to him being released. I hope and pray karma pays every one of the people involed back for there parts in this and i hope the family sues both mississippi dept of corrections because i and alot of other people would be more than willing to mail money to the family to help pay for a lawyer to make sure you all have to pay. I also think the family should sue each incompetant guard who didnt do there job and also sue the murderer who seems to have been working with the prison so he could get out early or get protection from the people he was paid to kill cliff for.

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