Lowndes Co. Teen Charged With Statutory Rape

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4 Responses

  1. Braylin says:

    I agree with Camellia. I’ve known the kid for a long time and we tight. And I also know he would never do anything like that.

    • marquasia harrison says:

      yeah i sure do not think he did any thing to that girl. i been friends with him since the 7th and i know he would not have did any thing like that.

  2. Jack says:

    Statutory rape cases like this are always foggy. With the term statutory rape we don’t know if the sex was forceable or not. Since both kids were under the age of 18 neither could legally consent to sex although both may have factually consented. If this was in fact a rape this kid deserved to be charged as an adult.

    • Camellia says:

      – No , Jakari is a friend of mine , & I DO Not Believe He would do such a thing like that , maybe the girl gave false information because she got mad at him or something, but i know he wouldnt Do something like that.

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