Oktibbeha Coroner Faces DUI Charge

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2 Responses

  1. Sue Bradford says:

    Having worked with Michael and having been in contact in unfortunate events through his role as Coroner I am devastated by this occurrence. I and many others have the highest regard and affection for Michael. I could just slap him onto next week for doing this to himself… My God Michael, how many bodies have you helped scrape up off our hyways due to this offense? That being said I beseech OCH & Oktibbeha Co. to give Michael another chance. That is the least he deserves from the fine service he has given and the friends he has made! Everyone makes mistakes… Everyone deserves a second chance. The job Michael does is almost emotionally undoable! The average person can not imagine the things he sees on a daily basis. I feel sure this job stress may have contributed to his situation. Of course that is not a reason to accept it, but I feel one to consider in his favor for another chance. I am sure he will get the help he desperately needs and can continue to serve us in the professional fine manner he has for all these years. Love you Michael. Am praying for you.

  2. about timr for huny says:

    About time he is,finally responsible for his actions. He has been knoen in bars drinking and drunk and then getting in his county owned vehicle for several years but the good ol boy system was in play. He has a cushy hospital job which he does nothing and gets paid for and doesn’t cc respond c to half of his corner calls just ask Och ems.

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