Video: Aberdeen Police Remember Fallen Officer

LaMonica Peters

LaMonica Peters

Reporter and Fill-in Anchor for WCBI News since July 2012. Proudly bringing local news stories to the great people of Northeast Mississippi.

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3 Responses

  1. Erickson Bynum says:

    Thank you for thinking of my father on the anniversary of his death. Although I was not there in the flesh it warmed my heart to see how the community still embraces and loves my father. Andrew, hit me up at


  2. Erickson Bynum says:

    First let me say, thanks to the Aberdeen Police Dept for keeping my father’s memory alive. I love and miss him dearly. My hope is to be able to attend next year. Also, Mr. Andrew J. Hill, if you would email me at, I’d appreciate it. I’m interested in communicating with you.

  3. Andrew J. Hill says:

    Grew up remembering this man as my father, but cant recall meeting any of his family in Va.
    Tried many times to connect with them to no avail. Gave up hope til I recently saw the memorial service online.

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