Video: Columbus Shooting Death

Paulo Salazar

Paulo Salazar

Paulo comes to us from San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Mississippi State University in 2007 and loves his MSU Bulldogs. Paulo has been with WCBI News over four years and curerently serves as the Weekend Anchor and weekly reporter. To contact him feel free to email him at or follow him on twitter @paulosalazar34.

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4 Responses

  1. myms says:

    McQueen was probably high when he put a loop in them statements because a blind man can see that young man was set up and to the parents you-all keep showing this system up for what they really is….

  2. witnessp says:

    That case was not self defense and they know it. The Chief know the truth he showed the jury what he want him to see…

  3. concernedcitizen says:

    The chief saying what the jury did but the jury only goes by what the presented to them and I know what they presented to the jury was a lie in order for them to no bill that case there is a loop hole somewhere … this family has my support

  4. policeofficer says:

    My heart goes out to the Brown family, and the mother is telling the truth I am a police officer and it is more to that case than what’s being told by the investigators

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