Video: Films Show Slavery is Still Controversial Today

LaMonica Peters

LaMonica Peters

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  1. JP says:

    Django Unchained is a fictional story, however, it depicts a great deal of reality concerning the truth about African Americans as a people in the sense that there are many stories of African Americans who were slaves or former slaves who went back for the wife or family they loved. In reading a recent book which more accurately details African American history, I’ve found many stories & accounts of brave people who returned for family, escaped with family, escaped with children, or babies in the arms to reach freedom. Many of whom went to Canada or went to other states, some who even left the country for other countries like England or France. Many uprisings took place where enslavers were slaughtered, however, whites who were Quakers, or against slavery, or even poor whites were spared, because they were not seen as an enemy. African Americans have a proud history that has been hidden, and much of that history does involve loyal friends who were white and who detested the institution of slavery. It would be great if history books depicted our true American history. It is certainly time to talk about these issues.

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