Video: Mother of Drunk-Driving Victim Shares Her Story

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2 Responses

  1. Ray Gafford says:

    I am obviously proud to hear and see Casey out there trying to get the message across to all of the people that she can possibly reach. It affects numerous people whether you are the victim or any other person involved. I know how much she and her family miss Brenden because he is our Grandson and Casey is our Daughter.

  2. Gregory Keith Cox says:

    This was a wonderful kick off campaign for Drive Sober or get pulled over, Ms. Woods story touched many young people’s lives there that day and I and hoping that it did the same to the ones who watched it and read it in the local papers, I have a friend who was also there that day her name is Sherrel Clark, her teenage brother Marty Cox was 18 when he was killed by a drunk driver, her newly married daughter Tori and her unborn ed babies which was twins was killed by a drunk driver also, Sherrel works with MADD and was asked to come and speak at the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, I also help her in her mission in trying to save lives, I was just wondering why her story did not get any attention, it is a hard impact one as well, I thank you for your time in this matter

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