Video: Starkville Residents Celebrate the Needmore Community

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  1. Jerry Jones says:

    Thanks to the Starkville Daily News for publishing this article about Needmore. Charles Evans is a personal and family friend. I have fond memories of visiting Needmore and playing softball on the property, next to his house. The crack of the bat gave many of us the thrill of a lifetime. The wholesome competition was a safe haven for many boys.

    Charles Evans was head of the Boy Scouts troop, and dedicated his time and resources to shaping the character of many Black males. The Starkville Daily News should highlight his collection of Jazz music.

    He would often bring his music to the George Evans Shine so that the shine boys and the customers could hear his “cool jazz. I worked as a shine boy their with pride. The job provided many of us to earn our money and provide some independent from hour parents.
    (You have my permission to print this message).

    Jerry Jones
    Arlington, VA

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