Video: West Point Officer on Leave After Gun Incident

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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12 Responses

  1. jessica strong says:

    Well all I wanna know is..what the hell u do in starkville the reason u was let go there

  2. Samantha says:

    Ok for one when.the heck was it against the law to have an argument witb ur.girllfriend thats just retarted. An I seen jeremy an rya that night he DID NOT have a weapon. An people talkin about her on here an callin her names just shows everybody how immature u really r I dont no her personally but she made jeremy happy am.thats all that should matter. Officers fight with there girlfriends an spouses all the time in public I dont see them gettin fired over it so y should he bell is a great person an a great offer seems to me west point just needed somethin to talk about to get on the news cause this is so immature to put on tv an its only makin people think how much stupider can this town get that all they can put uon tv is about a small fight between a couple not like he hit her an crap they said some words woo hoo where is wcbi when all the other fights like that in sopranos when the law was called exactly how about all u people grow up it was to people with a dissagreement get over it hes didnt have a gun an wasnt in uniform he had a white shirt an jeans on with a hat. Leave them.alone

  3. Jeremy says:

    Let me clear up some things about what you people think about her. She is the furthest thing from trailer trash. She has a big heart, she is caring, and simply a beautiful person. She has had my back 100%. If you people don’t know her personally its your loss. U people can say what u want about me but none of this mess was her fault, so leave her out of it please.

  4. Jeremy bell says:

    JC , she is far from trailer trash. She is an amazing women. Responsible and caring with a great family. Perhaps you should meet the girl before u speak your opinion. This story was far from the truth and people can form their own opinions about what happened, however it is funny that no one cared to ask us what happened. If people have a problem with me speak to me. Leave her name out of this ridiculous scandal.

  5. b says:

    Sopranos is not next door to Twisted Burger

  6. Rya Raper says:

    He doesn’t have serious issues this story is very untrue

  7. Rya raper says:

    This is completely untrue whoever the source is should be checked I’m the girlfriend in question there was no gun and it was a verbal disagreement this is all one really big misunderstanding he is a good man and this is nothing but trash

    • Katie says:

      They can’t report it if it’s not true, Rya. I’m sure there is more to the story but this is true. I heard the same story from 2 people who were there. I also happen to know that a few weeks ago he showed up in full uniform at a guys house questioning him about your where a bouts after he had already walked around his backyard to see if your car was parked in the back. I know Jeremy Bell personally and he is a good man. Seems to me like YOU are the problem.

      • Ed says:

        I can assure you they can and do report all kind of things that are not true……”LIBERAL MEDIA”.

      • JC says:

        Seem like the girl friend is the problem, This man is about to lose his job over trailer trash. It is a shame. Of, course this is true I was at work in the ER were the brought him in

  8. Ed says:

    This guy has no business being a cop and or having charge of a pistol/gun. Someone had to know he has serious issues.

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