Video: $2 Million Bonds Set In West Point Murder

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5 Responses

  1. Samatha says:

    These mug shoots serve ijustic to be posted on halloween cause these some ugly women that have been in trouble for stealing everywhere the polices need to do something about these Roby’s cause all the store around GTR have to alert all the workers in the store to be on watch when they enter the stores all stores that sell anything and if anything is free in GTR the Roby’s are in line for it all 2,000 of them this family has a bad name everywhere they live of stealing and reselling items and checks food stamps and etc not many of them work and they instill this in there children as they grow up thats why its a generation to generation thing for this family

  2. Unknown says:

    The three of you young ladies should be ashame. To the family of Roby’s, this isn’t something that should be posted on the wall of fame. This chain should have been broken a long time ago. Stuff like this starts @ home, in evidently none of you had much training growing up. I don’t even know y’all, but frm the looks of it, y’all carry a bad name. There’s nothing that bad to cause you to take the life of another. That shows that you don’t have value for your own life. I know there’s nothing I can say to undo what y’all have done, but it’s not too late to refrain frm that bad name that you wear. I’m surprised you all made it this far with the breaths they call life.

  3. Renita says:

    I am the Aunt of the murder victim and I was raised in Miss. This type of crime is simply insane and Evil and I hope all these girls get put under the jail. I see the comments above that says this is the reputation of this family? I hope their family feels the same pain we feel when they go down for this Evil premeditated crime! This does have a huge impact on the economy letting people like this continue to roam the streets. This is our lost generation that has no value for their own lives or anyone elses.

  4. Rochelle Williams says:

    They deserve to have a high bond every community that have a set of this family knows that they are capable of doing what ever for money they are going down 3 by 3’s 4 by 4’s and our community are to be glad that go to stores and just take things like that is not causing problems to our economy the polices need to be more strick on the Roby’s they have gotten out of hand in the Golden TRiangle

  5. unknown says:

    Well someone need to put a stop to these robys!!!!! because soon as you say a roby name everyone know that mean trouble and MESS!!! well three down 1000″s to go lol

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