Worker Electrocuted at Columbus Air Force Base

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2 Responses

  1. Dwayne Carta says:

    me n my famly fill bad. we pray 4 u. from me. he loved us. me and u all of us 2 u. 1 love.

  2. James Bolden says:

    I am deeply sadden by Uncle Lyman death. This is only a tool that I can use to express myself. We lost a “Great” man yesterday. I have known him for about 18 of my 20 years of marriage to his niece. I can say that he is the best man I ever met. That being said I am a man of African American decent. Sometimes when a person die. We may have to concentrate on all the good things about a person and that’s all you hear. This man didn’t have a bad bone in his body. Me and my family were invited to his house for Thanksgiving some years ago. One of the best times I have spent on a holiday. He came to visit Tifton Georgia sometimes twice a year and we made it almost a ritual to visit him at the Holiday Inn. He made me feel like family on the very first time I met him. He didn’t over do anything to make me feel comfortable. He was just himself which was fine with me. Its very difficult to put into words what he meant to me as an individual. He never judged me by because the color of my skin and I never sat out in the driveway when my family visited his house. His kids Amy and Shane I know are feeling a great pain right now, but I can tell you to lean on “God”. I went through this very thing with losing my mother and father 8 and 7 years ago. Your family is here to comfort and support you. I am more concerned about you all right now than Uncle Lyman. If here is any man that has met the expectations of God. It will have to be Uncle Lyman. His soul will be in a place of eternal peace. Don’t worry about that.

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