Video: Fatal Wreck on 82 in Lowndes County

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4 Responses

  1. Gianna Castoria says:

    I witnessed the accident as it happened and my boyfriend and I stopped to call 911 and check on the passengers. My boyfriend was a police officer in starkville for 6 years and knew what to check for, since he has dealt with terrible car accidents many times before. It was absolutely tragic to witness and my heart sinks knowing the younger passenger later died. She was alive at the time we were there and my boyfriend stayed by her side until responders arrived, knowing that the other female was already dead by the time we got to the car. It was a completely tragic and sad scene, and I’ve been praying hard for the driver who watched his companions go and the families of those deceased. Its an image I will never get out of my mind, and really puts life and its fragility into perspective. May those beautiful women rest in peace.

  2. shelah carson says:

    Praying …

  3. Mary says:

    I came by that accident before the Columbus Fire Department got there, I assume, with the jaws of life (I saw them coming from Columbus after I got pass the Airport exit)… I would never have guessed that car was a Crown Vic…

  4. PimpinPyrex says:

    Heard about this earlier from someone who witnessed the accident:((

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