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CALEDONIA, Miss. (WCBI) – If you were watching 60 minutes on WCBI Sunday night, you may have seen a familiar face.

Bill Brown grew up in Caledonia, and was featured on CBS’ 60 minutes, Sunday.

That’s because he has highly superior autobiographical memory, or H-SAM.

Brown says it’s when people can remember virtually every day of their lives.

He says the average person has about 10 memories a year, and he usually has more than 200.

“It’s a mixed bag in some since because there’s things that you wish in life that you could forget that you can’t. And then there are other things that you probably live from a higher aspect that’s actually a more intense good,” Brown said.

Brown says he often remembers the mundane.

Many folks remember when they graduated from high school or college. For him, it’s like being there again.

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