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Video: A Spooky Halloween In Columbus

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) - It was a spooky good time at the Columbus Fire Station on College Street Wednesday night (10/31).

They came out running and screaming as the sound of chainsaws filled the air.

“I’m having super duper fun. It’s so fun. It’s like a whole bunch of werewolves and it’s a spider coming from the ceiling and they turn on the chainsaw and it’s like chasing after us and we like screaming,” said a scared trick or treater Netta Page.

This Halloween, tons of people came out to the fire and rescue here in Columbus, where lots of candy was given out and you can’t go wrong with goblins.

Firefighters dressed up as all kinds of different characters and a giant spider tied the whole spooky station together.

“I’m of course a zombie fireman and we got all kinds of gadgets and stuff but plenty of candy, plenty of fun and plenty of screams,” said zombie fireman Dale Ballard.

With the holiday comes ton of treats and one trick or treater says, “It has to be Snickers, Resses, any kind of chocolate yea,” said Jasmine Selbie.

“It’s been wonderful, we’ve had a great time, it’s very scary in there. Would you agree Batman? No, batman was not scared,” added trick or treater Silas McDowell.

It’s a spooky tradition that’s guaranteed to keep trick or treaters howling for more year after year.

The Haunted Fire Station was free for anyone brave enough to enter.