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Video: Aliceville Alabama Council Race

ALICEVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI) A longtime Aliceville, Alabama councilwoman remains at her district three post, that’s after 25 year old challenger Terrence Windham beat her by one vote (85-84) in a controversial August 2012 race.

A judge later overturned results of that race after 67 year old Marva Gipson contested and the mayor and council members appointed Gipson to the position.

Apparently, Windham did not file an Appointment of Principal Campaign Committee form.

According to Windham, a youth pastor at his local church, he did submit documents saying he did not have a campaign committee.

“The council had an opportunity to still hear the voice of the people. Because one vote, two votes, 10 votes it doesn’t matter. The people had spoken and they recommended that I represent them and the council defeated that vote, and put Mrs. Marva back in place,” said Windham.

WCBI News did contact council member appointee Marva Gipson who declined an on camera interview for the time being.