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Video: Day in the Life, NOLA Style

NEW ORLEANS, LA. – (WCBI) What a way to make a living.  Many people in New Orleans work anything but the typical 9 a.m-5 p.m. job. The Louisiana city is known for its muscial heritage, southern style, and their ability to the have a good time.

With the Superbowl near, the Big Easy is seeing an influx in workers. From those who work the bed and breakfasts in the Garden District, to the man painted in metallics who uses tips to pay the bills, the New Orleans economy is supported by visitors and unconventional jobs.

Street performers can be seen on every corner, from Bourbon to Canal.

Then, there are those from CBS, who have  set up shop in Jackson Square. 15 programs across nine divisions are running live, as the crews prepare to the broadcast the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49er’s face off in the Superdome.

“We are so lucky to be here,” says  “The Talk” star Sharon Osbourne. Osbourne says a day on a NOLA set is far from a typical day at the office. But for the people of New Orleans, this is just one more day in the life.