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Video: Grand Jury Declines to Indict Two in Shooting Death

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — A grand jury refuses to indict two men charged last September in a Labor Day shooting in Columbus.

Devin Thompson, 20, and Dominique Ivan Chambers, 19, originally were charged with murder in the shooting that fatally wounded 19-year-old Alexander Brown at the corner of 22nd Avenue North and Martin Luther King Junior Drive on Sept. 3, 2012. He was shot in the eye. Another person was slightly wounded.

But this week, the Lowndes County Grand Jury returned a “no true bill” against the two men. In legal terms, that means the grand jury, which hears evidence in secret proceedings, did not find enough evidence to proceed with criminal charges.

District Attorney Forrest Allgood said he was “deeply sorry” for the Brown family’s tragedy but could not overrule the grand jury’s decision. He said the Columbus Police Department’s investigation was “very thorough” but said that evidence likely won’t be presented again and police say they will re-examine their findings.

Sources tell WCBI problems with witnesses hurt the case.