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Video: Mississippi Man Has Knack for Numbers, Birthdays

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – Wherever Dave Dabney goes, he makes a memorable first impression.

“When’s your birthday? November 21st, 1959. “It was a Saturday.” “June 29th of 65 was on a Tuesday.” “When’s your birthday? ‘January 27th, 1969, it was on a Monday. “It was on a Monday, that’s right, I checked.”

For more than two decades now, Dabney, or “Birthday Dave” as friends call him, has had a fascination with numbers, and birthdays.

“I got ahold of a perpetual calendar, I think it was back in June of 1989.. I looked at it and said, ‘wow, there are 14 calendars,” Dabney said.

He memorized the calendar and has been asking people about their birthday ever since.

“Sometimes it;s a formula and sometimes it can be dates that I just know off the top of my head,” he explained.

Birthday Dave lives in the Jackson area, but was recently in Tupelo to volunteer at American Family Radio’s Fall Shareathon where he had plenty of opportunities to practice his unique talent.

“October 1st, 1946, it was a Tuesday. Twelve weeks before Christmas Eve.”

“January 18th. Which year? ’38. It was on a Tuesday. It sure was, I was there, I know.”

“When’s your birthday? November the 7th 1949. It was on Monday, You have Billy Graham’s birthday”

Those who know Birthday Dave are amazed at his ability and his way of making others feel special.

“He is an amazing man, God has gifted him with a mind like no other man,” said Tupelo resident Cal Smith.

“It’s such a great ice breaker for so many people. I can’t imagine how many people I have met that I had no idea would know this gentleman and all I have to say is Birthday, I don’t even have to get Dave out and they finish the sentence, “Birthday Dave, I know him,” recalled Tupelo resident Durick Hayden.

“I appreciate him, I appreciate his hugs , his happy birthdays and just to see people’s faces light up when he talks about what day they were born on , it’s really really special,” said Toni Johnson of Tupelo.

And that, Birthday Dave says, is the reward he gets from his gift. Knowing that a simple question can brighten a person’s day and lead to a lasting friendship.