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Video: Monroe Co. Girl Expresses Love for Mom Through Essay

HAMILTON, Miss. (WCBI) — A WCBI Mothers Day Promotional Giveaway allows a little Hamilton elementary school girl to tell everyone just how good her mother is. The 8-year-old contestant submitted a 200-word essay telling why her mom is the greatest.

On any given day Marsha Mitchell who works at Annunciation Catholic School teaches about 65 students physical education. But there is one special person she really loves to teach.

“I love her so much. She helps me do my homework and I’m doing good in school because she helps me get through kindergarten and first rade,” said Madison Grace Mitchell.

Words coming from the 8- year-old are powerful.

They are words of an essay contest that actually did not out do others, but in the eyes of this PE teacher, she is a winner.

And when asked if it was hard coming up with the right words.

“Well, not really because my mom is the best mom I’ve ever had and it was easy to do it,” Madison Grace said.

“You know that’s the best job in the world, is to be a mom. It really is and its just so emotional and loving and just to know that she cares so much for me,” said Marsha Mitchell.

Madison Grace is a soccer player and when it comes to softball she plays short stop.

Oh yes, she is also a cheerleader.

“I’m so glad she enjoys playing softball because I did and I just, its a joy to be able to teach her the correct fundamentals of softball and soccer and whatever she chooses to play,” said Marsha Mitchell.

“Mom you are the best mom ever, and Happy Mothers Day,” said Madison Grace.