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Video: MSU Wood Magic Science Fair

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Thousands of fourth graders from across the state of Mississippi attendedĀ  the Wood Magic Science Fair held at the MSU Forest Lab on Blackjack Road in Starkville Thursday(10/18).

Machines were are buzzing while children visited MSU’s Forest Products Laboratory. They were all bug eyed, amazed at what they are learning about the many uses of wood from the forests in our state.

“What trees are made for. Like you can build like houses of like houses,” said Chymir Larry, Wood Science Fair Attendee.

“I been seeing a lot of plywood and just all different types like logs and trees they’ve cut down. So its pretty neat,” said Sawyer Sterling, Wood Fair Attendee.

“We’re trying to teach them about the sustainable ways we use trees from the time we cut them down to when they become houses and bird houses and dog houses,” said Rubin Shmulsky, MSU Forest Products Department.

Forestry products mixed with just like magic, can actually benefit us all.

“The south produces a lot of trees and Mississippi is certainly one of the top states. So we’re very very proud and we’re very proud to be able to highlight the way we use wood sustainably for these kids,” said Shmulsy.

The fourth graders also learned about various animals and termites that inhabit our state forests.