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New Hope’s Mosley WCBI Student Athlete of the Week

New Hope Senior Christopher Mosley has been through a lot during his four years with the Trojans. The biggest challenge was dealing with the sudden death of his father during his freshman year.

“We lost him there for a while” said his Head Coach Drew McBrayer. “He just kind of wanted to go into a shell and I think it was his teammates that pulled him out of it” he added.

“Everytime I needed someone to talk to, they were there” said Mosley.

Christopher said that if he is unable to secure a basketball scholarship to college, that he’d like to join the army.

“He’s got all the potential in the world he just has to have the willingness to work everyday and I think he’d have a shot to play at the next level” said McBrayer. “It’s a real testament to him for as hard as he’s worked, to overcome those odds and turn out as good a kid as he is” McBrayer added.