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Video: Reed Vetoes Carlock Sign Decision

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — Three months before he leaves office, Tupelo Mayor Jack Reed Junior issues his first veto.

Tuesday, the City Council voted 4-3 to allow Carlock Toyota to install an oversized sign in the Barnes Crossing Mall area. That vote reversed an earlier decision by the Planning Commission to deny the request.

In today’s veto, Reed said he was guided by fairness because in 19 years, the city never had violated its own sign regulations in the Mall area and to do so now would be unfair to others.

Reed, who drives a Toyota Prius, said he appreciates the impact Toyota has made on the community and the role Carlock plays in the city but he can’t let that outweigh fairness.

It’ll take five votes of the City Council to override the veto.

Click here to download the Mayor’s entire veto message