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Video: Tupelo Adds E-Cigs to City Smoking Ban

TUPELO, Miss. – (WCBI) The city of Tupelo has approved an ordinance that will expand it’s smoking ban to include e-cigarettes. By a 6-1 margin the council approved the extension which means users of the alternative cigarettes will also not be able to do their thing in a public setting.

The e-cigarettes emit a vapor which often smells like a fruit incense. The council approved the ban after concluding there just isn’t enough evidence that second hand vapor is safe. Mayor Jason Shelton says the new ordinance is a little more lenient that the regular smoking ban.

“There is an exception in the proposed ordinance that would allow the businesses to continue providing that product for on site usage and would also allow an exemption for the tobacco stores so people could sample those products on site,” says Mayor Shelton.

Shelton says he will sign the ordinance that was introduced by council president Mike Bryan.

Many e-cigarette users were at tonight’s meeting and say that they will not be forced to smoke their e-cigarettes in designated areas and breath the second hand smoke of real cigarettes. They all say e-cigarettes have been instrumental in getting them off the real thing.